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Holy cannoli!

You must not miss Leslie Karst’s snappy debut, DYING FOR A TASTE. Karst serves up a funny, feisty heroine, Italian family drama, a charming coastal California town, and clues tangled up like a plate of spaghetti carbonara. But don’t read hungry—the food will leave you drooling!

-Lucy Burdette,
author of Killer Takeout
and Fatal  Reservations

"a spunky heroine, a mystery loaded with red herrings, [and] oodles of food lore"


"Karst's smart, engaging characters steal the show in this razor-sharp new food series."


"a zesty literary amuse-bouche that will leave readers salivating for more."

-Foreword Reviews
  (five stars)

"...quite tasty. The story blends the best of the cozy genre with food and great characters.... This is the perfect book to chew on while eating lunch in the break room or before cooking that perfect dinner."

-RT Book Reviews
  (four stars)

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Dying for a Taste is an addictive start to a promising new mystery series. Leslie Karst has dished up a delicious blend of humor and intrigue, with a warm and friendly cast of characters that will leave readers feeling right at home. Karst’s writing is bright and refreshing, spiced just right and tasty enough to leave the reader hungry for more.


Jacklyn Brady, national bestselling author of the Piece of Cake Mysteries


Dying for a Taste is a bright, fresh take on the traditional mystery, richly steeped in the local food and restaurant culture of northern California. Karst combines a twisty mystery with an original set of lively characters and a deep sense of place.


Bailey Cates, NYT bestselling author of the Magical Bakery Mysteries.


Leslie Karst’s debut mystery, Dying for a Taste, is a delightful romp of a book. Sympathetic characters, family dynamics, fast paced action, and vivid food descriptions combine to make this an entertaining read. It made me want to head straight to the kitchen and cook up a batch of pasta.


Isis Crawford, author of the Catered Mystery series


A spicy new mystery series with a smart sleuth, layers of secrets, and delectable food descriptions! Dying for a Taste takes the reader from the farm to the table in this intriguing peek at the California food scene.


Krista Davis, author of Murder Most Howl and The Diva Steals A Chocolate Kiss


You won’t want to push away this delicious plate of mystery from debut author Leslie Karst. And you’ll be Dying for a Taste of sleuth Sally Solari’s family’s cooking, both Italian and Polynesian. Don’t read while hungry!


Edith Maxwell, Agatha-nominated and bestselling author of Murder Most Fowl in the Local Foods Mysteries


Leslie's Karst's Dying for a Taste is a mouthwatering meal of intricate plotting and complex characterization in a sparkling setting on the coast of California. The plot moves swiftly through twists and turns led by former legal eagle, Sally Solari, a smart, savvy heroine who will not quit until she gets the answers she seeks in the mystery of who murdered her restaurateur aunt. At turns poignant and precarious, this story captivates all the way to the very last page.  A terrific whodunit!


Jenn McKinlay, NYT bestselling author of the Cupcake and Library Lover’s Mysteries


The best mysteries, to my mind, have a deep and sympathetic understanding of human nature as well as a rock solid ethical foundation, and Leslie Karst's Dying for a Taste satisfies on both counts. With a smart sleuth, captivating seaside setting and strong family relationships, this delicious culinary mystery left me hungry for second helpings.


Leslie Meier, author of the Lucy Stone Mystery series


Stir in a pinch of poison, a dash of family, a big helping of the restaurant life, and a big scoop of murder, and Dying for a Taste has all the stuff of a delicious new cozy mystery series.


Paige Shelton, NYT bestselling author of the Farmers’ Market and Country Cooking School series

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