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Author Appearances, 2022

April 7-10:                         Left Coast Crime, Albuquerque, NM

                                            Panelist: A Dickens of a Time; Our Best and Worst Moments

                                            Fri., April 8, 4:00 pm

                                            Panelist: Culinary Cozies; What's Cookin'?

                                            Sat., April 9, 2:45 pm


April 22-24:                       Malice Domestic, Bethesda, MD

                                            Panelist: Blurring Genres; Blending a Cozy with Romance?                                                 With Fantasy?

                                            Fri., April 22, 2:00 pm

August 4:                           Bookshop Santa Cruz

                                            Book Release Talk and Signing

                                            7:00 pm

October 4:                         Kona Stories, Words and Wine

                                            Author Talk and Signing

                                            Kailua-Kona, HI

                                            6:00 pm

October 8:                         Basically Books

                                            Author Talk and Signing

                                            Hilo, HI

                                            3:00 pm

Archived Radio and Podcast Interviews

Sisters in Crime Writers' Podcast, 8/8/22

It Was a Dark and Stormy Book (begins at 6:49), 4/23/22

The Joys of Binge Reading, 7/25/19

It Was a Dark and Stormy Book (begins at 18:15), 7/9/19

Dialogue: Between the Lines, 4/16/19

Conversations: Live, 4/10/19

Authors on the Air, 10/11/17

Destination Mystery, 6/30/17

The Fragrance of Death Blog Tour, 2022

July 17:       Lisa K's Book Reviews (Q&A)

July 20:       Jungle Red Writers: Thistle Make You Hungry!

July 29:       Ashcroft, Eh? (Q&A)

July 29:       Ruff Drafts: Stop and Smell the Coffee--If You Can

August 1:    Campaign for the American Reader: The Fragrance

                     of Death, the Movie

August 1:    Novels Alive: "Rogue" Negroni Cocktail Recipe

August 2:    Dru's Musings: A Day in the Life

August 2:    Mysteries with Character (Q&A)

August 2:    Christy's Cozy Corners (Q&A)

August 2:     Mystery Fanfare: Pants-er or Recipe-er?

August 3:    Island Confidential: Spaghetti alla Carbonara 

                      with Artichokes Recipe

August 3:     Campaign for the American Reader (Q&A)

August 5:     Lit Hub--CrimeReads: What Can Cooking School

                       Teach a Mystery Writer?

August 5:    The Wickeds: A Rose by Any Other Name...

                      Would Be Sally!

August 9:    Cinnamon, Sugar, & a Little Bit of Murder: Blondie Recipe

August 20:  Kings River Life Magazine: A Vacation in Sally

                       Solari's Santa Cruz