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Orchid Isle Mysteries

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Molten Death Author Leslie Karst

An “entertaining cozy series launch.... Karst rewards armchair travelers without ignoring the thorny politics of Hawaiian tourism, and firmly grounds the core mystery in Valerie’s emotional struggles.”

-Publishers Weekly

MOLTEN DEATH Now Available 

from Severn House
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Retired caterer Valerie Corbin and her wife Kristen have come to the Big Island of Hawai‘i to treat themselves to a well-earned tropical vacation. 

After the recent loss of her brother, Valerie is in sore need of a distraction from her troubles and is looking forward to enjoying the delicious food and vibrant culture the state has to offer.


Early one morning, the couple and their friend – tattooed local boy, Isaac – set out to see an active lava flow, and Valerie is mesmerized by the shape-shifting mass of orange and red creeping over the field of black rock. 

Spying a boot in the distance, she strides off alone, pondering how it could have gotten there,

only to realize to her horror that the boot is still attached to a leg – a leg which is slowly being engulfed by the hot lava.


Valerie’s convinced a murder has been committed – but as she’s the only witness to the now-vanished corpse, who’s going to believe her?


Determined to prove what she saw, and get justice for the unknown victim, Valerie launches her own investigation. But, thrown into a Hawaiian culture far from the luaus and tiki bars of glossy tourist magazines, she soon begins to fear she may be the next one to end up entombed in shiny black rock . . .

“As mysterious as a Hilo rain, fragrant as lychee, melodious as Hawaiian pidgin, and tasty as loco moco, Leslie Karst’s Molten Death transports the reader to the best that the Big Island can offer. You won’t want to leave!”

-Naomi Hirahara
USA Today bestselling author 
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