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It looked alive - like some slithering beast come up from the depths to crawl slowly towards the sea.

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Orchid Isle Mystery


“As mysterious as a Hilo rain, fragrant as lychee, melodious as Hawaiian pidgin, and tasty as loco moco, Leslie Karst’s Molten Death transports the reader to the best that the Big Island can offer. You won’t want to leave!”

-Naomi Hirahara
USA Today bestselling author 
Illustrated Dinner
Dying for a Taste
A Measure of Murder by Leslie Karst

The Sally Solari Mysteries

Lefty Award-Nominated

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Engaging characters, terrific writing...polymath Karst sauces her plot without masking its flavor. And she's a dab hand with the red herrings.

-Publishers Weekly
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Justice is Served cover.jpg

Justice is Served

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Robin opened the second bottle of Cigare Volant and poured another round.

[A]n entertaining, engrossing page-turner.

-Foreward Reviews
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